Welcome to The Goodness Guide

Hello…. And welcome to The Goodness Guide!!!

The Goodness Guide is a Wellbeing & Mindset Coaching service that aims to encourage, empower, motivate and ‘guide’ all you lovely ladies to realising your true and full potential and show you the changes you need to make to get to wherever you want to be, personally and/or within your business!!

I believe with all my heart that EVERYBODY has it within them to change. I believe everyone has it within them to be happy and live the life they want to live, be who they want to be and go wherever they want to go!

What I share with you aren’t just things I have just read in a textbook; they are things that I have tried and tested myself. It is the changes I had to make, the goals I had to set and the mindset I had to adopt to be who and where I am today.

Let me share with you a bit about it….

The beginning of last year was great. Me and my finance had bought our first house and we finally seemed to have ‘made it’ in life. It had finally all come together. On the 22nd June, 12 weeks to the day of moving into that house, Matt had a massive heart attack and died, right in front of me, in our home. Aged 34.

The last 6 months of 2018 where the worst 6 months of my life…

Long story short, it was hard to say the least. We had been together for 17 years and he really looked after me. I was completely lost and have never felt more out of control in my life.  

I was in a very dark place; I was spending all day every day in bed. I could not see how life was going to get better or how I was ever going to move forward. On many occasions I thought it would be easier to die myself, I would be back with Matt and I wouldn’t have to deal with this crippling pain they call grief.

After a while I was getting on my own nerves, sulking about all the time. I was sick of looking like 2007 Britney leaving rehab, I was sick of being in my own world, a completely different one to everybody else. I was sick of confining myself to my bedroom, I was sick of existing in the pit of my bed when everyone else was getting on with their lives.  

The truth is the world never stops turning, no matter what happens to us.

One day something changed. I decided that I didn’t want to die, I didn’t want to just exist I WANTED TO LIVE. Over time I changed my mindset, I started looking after myself a bit more, I started back working as a counsellor, I began to see there was a future.

I set myself so many goals to make sure I began to move forward, feel better about myself, enjoyed life and most of all, kept my house and took back some control.

With all the goals set, and a huge amount of focus and even more determination I started ticking those goals of one by one and much quicker than I ever imagined. Right now, as I write this, I am so grateful for everything I have achieved in the last 12 months – so much more than I ever thought I had within myself to do before Matt died.

I realised my worth, that I had something to share and something to give.

This is how The Goodness Guide was born! Everything I did, everything I have learnt before and after that life changing event is all here to help you make some of your own changes.

The ability to make massive changes for yourself is within every single one of you, it is accessible, and it can take you to places you never imagined you would be able to go.

I want that fire to be lit inside of you, I want you to realise your worth. I want you to feel excited, motivated, positive and confident about yourself and your future!

NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!! No more sitting back and letting things happen…it’s time to TAKE CONTROL!!

Much Love

Jen x

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