September is the new January

It is the general idea in our society that January is the month that we are meant to transform our lives because… well… it’s a brand-new year – ‘new year, new me’ and all that 🙄

Today I was talking to some colleagues and clients about how September always feels like a nice time to make some changes and get back on track with life

The summer holidays have ended, everyone is getting back to their normal routines in school and work, days spent lazing on a beach are a distant memory, and of course, the season changes from summer to autumn

Its all about new books, pencil cases & uniforms
Kids are begin their school, college and university journeys

September represents some significant changes for many of us in some way

Also, for me, with my birthday being in September, it is the beginning of a new age , and this always gets me thinking…

…. “shit I’m now 33, where has that year gone? What have I done with it, what have I achieved, I’m definitely going to makes some changes by the time I’m 34”? 😰 

It just feels right to makes changes and set goals right now… do you not think?

And, the added bonus is, there isn’t the usual pressure of ‘January resolutions’ and therefore the changes are much more likely to last, and you are much more likely to stick to what you set out to do


Embrace the excitement of new beginnings, get back to basics, de-clutter, organise your home, set some goals and get back on track to creating the life you want!

September is the new January!

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