How to KonMari Your Life

Marie Kondo, if you haven’t already heard of her, is a Japanese organisation consultant (yes there is such a thing). She goes into people’s homes and helps them de-clutter. Her mantra is “only keep the things that speak to your heart – things that bring you joy”, anything else you get rid of.

She encourages you to do this with your clothes, shoes, books, toys, even kitchen pots, pans & utensils. She advises to hold each item, if it does not bring joy you ‘thank’ it and throw it into the charity pile – This is now known as the KonMari Method

We are now all into organising and de-cluttering our homes and everyone’s knickers and socks are neatly folded away. But what about everything else?

Perhaps we could apply this mantra to the rest of our lives, outside of our homes…???

So, what causes us unnecessary stress. The way we think and talk about ourselves – self-doubt. Comparing ourselves to other people around us, trying to please everyone, giving so much of ourselves away to others and getting little back in return, feelings of guilt, those toxic relationships etc.

We all have, or have had, those people in our lives that drain us of our energy. Those that take, take, take from us and give very little, if anything back. We insist on keeping those around who bring nothing into our lives and nothing to our table apart from a boat load of negativity.

A cluttered house full of useless objects does nothing towards having a positive state of mind and neither does having these energy drainers around us. It is taking time away from ourselves, it is filling your mind with their problems while they are not taking on yours, they are making you feel down, unworthy, anxious and just absolutely exhausted

Have you really got time for that???

It’s the same with the thoughts we have about ourselves, the world, and life in general.

We can sometimes get ourselves into such a negative state and make ourselves miserable. For what exactly??

We spend hours at a time mindlessly scrolling through social media to find these ‘perfect insta models’ with their ‘perfect lives’ drinking the ‘perfect cocktails’ wearing the most beautiful outfit. What does this do for us and our confidence? Why are we letting these things effect the way we feel?

We cut the dead ends of our hair to encourage it to grow, what could you cut out of your life to enable you to grow?

Here are some ways you can KonMari your life right now….

  • Spend less time with those that drain you of energy and positivity. You don’t need these people around you so much. Even if you have known them since you were 4. They DO NOT bring you JOY
  • Surround yourself and spend more of your time with those that build you up, motivate you, make you feel happy and positive, who listen to your problems just as much as you listen to theirs and give just as much back to the relationship as you do to them
  • Change the way you think about yourself. Watch the way you talk to yourself…would you talk to your friend like that? No! These negative thoughts about the way you look, act, parent, or about just the way you are, again…DO NOT bring you JOY
  • Have a social media clear out. Every time you come across an account that you know doesn’t make you feel very good about yourself “UNFOLLOW”!! Unless you like what you see and it inspires or motivates you, get it out of your feed right now! Remember a lot of things on there do not represent someone’s true life – IT’S A HIGHLIGHT REEL!
  • Limit the amount of time you spend on social media – clear your brain out for more productive activities that will make you feel like you have achieved something. (KonMari’ing your wardrobe)
  • Stop saying yes to everything, you will never please everyone. Putting everyone’s needs before your own grows old pretty quick. Its draining! Take back the power of saying NO! If you are too exhausted to meet your friends and need some time for Self-Care, then let them know and re-arrange
  • Remember…You are responsible for your own happiness and state of mind don’t let it be influenced by human clutter!   

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