The Social Media Cleanse

There have been links made from studies between excessive use of social media and depression and anxiety. Then there is the cyber bulling, the trolls and the keyboard warriors who wouldn’t say half the things to your face that they post on there. 

Each social media platform is generally used for its users to post pictures of their holidays, expensive meals, even more expensive cocktails, cars, handbags, new makeup, new outfits…the list goes on and on. But many of these pictures are creating unrealistic expectations of life, appearance, friendships and relationships. People only show you their ‘highlight reel’ – pictures are cropped, filtered, staged and do not portray real life AT ALL 

Most of us are guilty of it, both posting such pictures or constantly looking at those that have 

There have been links made between social media and sleep patterns and the quality of sleep we are getting. There is the issue of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). It has been linked to issues of loneliness, envy and decreased social skills. There is a massive ‘keeping up with the Jones’ (or Kardashians) pressure that most of us could never live up to 

It not only has a negative effect on those of us watching everyone ‘live their best lives’ in front of our eyes, but also the ones posting. They are under a constant pressure to look a certain way, feel a certain way, and get that perfect daily picture for ‘the gram’ – it’s exhausting! There is a pressure to get followers and so many likes. I expect the more they post and portray these fake lifestyles the more they come to dislike who they really are and the real life they have actually got 

5 signs you should unfollow someone 

  1. You feel sad or anxious when you see their posts 
  2. You find yourself playing the comparison game 
  3. You’re only following them so you can ‘stalk’ them 
  4. You continue scrolling when you see their posts 
  5. Their posts appear to be negative or hostile 

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