The Problems with Resolutions & How to Get Past Them

Happy New Year!!!

So, we are a year into 2020 – how are those long lists of resolutions going?

You know what the problem with resolutions is? They just end up turning into another self-loathing campaign, where you continuously reflect on what you set out to do in January and failed at a few weeks later.

Instead of making a list of what we want to change about ourselves, and focussing on what we see as our downfalls, why don’t we flip it around? Instead of figuring out what you want to do less of or completely cut out of your life, why don’t you make a LIST OF ALL THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO!!

 I’m talking about the fun stuff, the things that will excite you, push you out of your comfort zone, maybe even scare you a little – the things and experiences that will actually change your life more than losing 10lbs ever will. Go on more adventures, say yes to things that come with some risk and find out for yourself if it was worth it. Stop denying yourself the good things in life and go in search of it!!

What have you always wanted to do?

Where have you always wanted to go?

What has fear and uncertainty stopped you from doing in the past!

Make a plan to do all these things!!

Another thing we do is set ourselves up for failure and set goals or resolutions that are completely OVERWHELMING AND UN-MANAGEABLE! Going from zero to 100 is going to lead you to be being burnt-out and unmotivated very quickly.

  • Set the goals small to start with or break down the big goals into small, manageable monthly/weekly/daily chunks – SMALL DAILY ACTIONS will keep you on track and you. Looking at the big picture can make things seem impossible.
  • Say your goal is to “lose weight, by going to go to the gym 7 days a week and eat rabbit food for every meal”. This is just not sustainable. You will get bored and easily BURNOUT. Break it down and start by committing yourself to some form of exercise (preferably one you enjoy) maybe 3 times a week, or whatever you can comfortably fit into your schedule

Be SPECIFIC in what you want to achieve. This will make your progress measurable, and when you start to see it you will be motivated to continue what you are doing. It is more than saying “I want to save some money” – Well how much to you want to save? How long will it take you to save it? When do you want to save it by? Decide what daily expense you can cut out so that by the end of the month you have ‘X’ amount to put away into your savings account

  • Set the goal, set a REALISTIC time that you want to achieve it in and then MAKE A PLAN for how you are going to do it! What DAILY ACTIONS are going to allow you to make that weekly/monthly progress? Slow and steady wins the race!!

Don’t think about what you are losing think about what you are GAINING. The truth is if you are working towards something that you feel will improve your life. You aren’t losing anything at all, but you are GAINING a whole lot!

  • Instead of focusing on the negatives of working towards your goal focus on the positives – what POSITIVE EMOTION will you feel when you achieve what you want to achieve? Will you feel happy, content, free? Will you be able to run around with your kids without getting exhausted? Focus on WHY YOU WANT THE CHANGE TO HAPPEN – the good stuff that it will bring, not the stuff that you have to cut out and leave behind and ‘give up’

Finally, don’t just celebrate the big win when you get there – CELEBRATE EVERY SINGLE STEP of the journey, every time you make a move towards the goals every daily action! Give yourself a pat on the back, because without the small wins, and what seem like insignificant progresses, the end result will never happen.

  • It might not feel like you are doing much but if you kept up the small changes for 6 months where will you be then??!!!! You will be a lot further along than if you are making these daily actions

I have created a free printable download to get help you focus on your top 5 goals for 2020, figure out your ‘monthly moves’ and set your ‘daily actions’ that will keep your goals manageable and keep you on track to absolutely smashing them.

Follow the link below to download your copy now!

My 2020 Goals

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