This morning (Sunday) I woke up and my mojo had gone. I am on day 7 of lockdown and I’m starting to feel it I was thinking ‘what is the point in another day’ my motivation to ‘keep calm and carry on’ took a massive hit 

So… I let myself sulk for a bit. I acknowledged the anxiety I was feeling about what was going to happen and when this was going to end. I let myself feel sorry for myself like there was only me in this situation when it is actually the WHOLE WORLD

After a while I realised I hated feeling this way, so I decided I just wasn’t putting up with it! I got the yoga mat out I looked to see what Mrs. Hinch was cleaning today for inspiration and I started to practice what I preach… I forced myself to give my day PURPOSE – starting with getting up, showered and dressed like any other normal day(NB. staying in your pj’s wont set you up for a motivated or productive day – although comfy clothes are a necessity)

The need for purpose in your life is a basic human need. Having purpose invigorates your mind and spirit and energises your day Many of us find our daily purpose in our normal daily routines such as, going to work, going to the gym, taking and picking up our children from school, meeting friends etc. As we are all aware, we can no longer do any of these things (thanks to the ‘C’ word)

Our motivation to get up out of bed each morning and live our lives has been taken away from us, and for good reason. With our normal schedules put on hold it is important, for our mental health and wellbeing, that we find new things to give us our sense of purpose and to help us feel as though we have achieved something at the end of each day

Our Mindset during this time will play a vital role in getting through and staying ‘sane’ so lets look at the positives!

If we look at this strange situation we are all living at the moment in a different way, it is full of opportunity. This is a chunk of time that we will never have again (hopefully) where we can do the things that we claim we never have time for in our ‘normal’ lives!  Instead of focusing on what has been taken away from us lets focus on what has been given to us

We now have the time to read the books we always wanted to read, watch films, binge TV shows (guilt free), clean and organise our houses, learn something new, exercise more (yes we can no longer go to gyms but so many trainers are doing online classes – we really have no excuse!) and it is a chance to spend some quality time with our families (although at the moment you may not see this as a positive )

It is almost like someone or something has hit the re-set button on the world, like they saw how much we take what we have for granted, how we abused the systems we are so lucky to have, such as the NHS, how we needed to give the world a rest and a chance to repair

So…. Lets hit the reset button on ourselves! Let’s work on our personal development, our self-care, our wellbeing and our mindset! Let’s come out of this a better more fulfilled version of ourselves!

Below are some ideas that I have shared with my clients to get your started…

·         Make a big list of EVERYTHING you now have time to do – jobs around the house, work you can catch up on, books to read, podcasts to listen to, films/TV Programmes you want to watch, things you want to learn more about, what you want to clean and organise, who you want to re-connect with (virtually obviously), exercise you want to do and the goals you want to work towards. Practice mediation, visualisation and living in the moment. ANYTHING you like!

·         Each night make a to do list for the following day and include one or two things off your big list. When you do them tick them off and feel that little sense of achievement

·         Start each day writing down 3 things that you are grateful for and 3 things that would make the day great

·         At the end of the day write down what you achieved, how you felt, what you might like to do more of…

Its all about keeping the mindset positive by giving yourself the sense of purpose and fulfilment – this in itself is self-care

It’s so simple, but I promise you it is so effective for your mental health and wellbeing

If it doesn’t go to plan one day don’t beat yourself up over it. We are adjusting to a new (hopefully temporary) way of life, something that at the best of times is a difficult thing to do and can cause us to feel all sorts of emotions. Ride the wave, acknowledge the feelings, process them and then move forward

Remember the power of your purpose!

Stay Safe, Stay Well 🧡


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