“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” ―Mary Kay Ash
Are you living up to your full potential? Or… are you just tapping into what you are truly capable of?

For many of us it is the belief and confidence that we have in ourselves, that holds us back from being everything we are capable of being

You might undoubtedly decide you are not capable of something or you might have the idea that you are but lack the of confidence to do anything about it

Fear of failure, what other people think and comparison to others can be massive blocks that prevent us reaching our full potential
Your mindset and attitude MUST be positive

If you start off thinking you are never going to be able to change anything, you simply never will
It might not be an easy process, there may be times when you doubt yourself and there may be times when its easier to go right back to in your comfort zone. However, with a positive mental attitude, a determination and a dream to work towards, you can get to a place where you can make some massive positive changes to your life

So how can you start to become more confident and believe in yourself?

The first thing you need to do is adopt a ‘Growth Mindset’ – you must believe that just because you weren’t born with confidence oozing out of you, YOU DO have the ability to change this. We can learn how to be confident and we can learn how to change all the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in one place, with no hope of moving forward

Having a good level of self-belief and self-confidence basically means that we have faith and trust in ourselves and our abilities
Secondly, you need to know where you are at right now

 What are those current thoughts about yourself, your abilities and capabilities? 

What automatic thoughts creep into your mind and hold you back?

How do you talk to yourself?

Are you kind and encouraging or are you negative and self-depreciating?

Do you automatically tell yourself you are not worthy, you are not intelligent enough, you are not good enough?

Get clear on what you are telling yourself, how you speak to yourself and how your thoughts about yourself are holding you back!Get to know what that inner critic is telling you (by the way… it’s all lies)

That is the easy part. You can get positive and believe you can change. You can easily notice your negative self-talk and get to know what thoughts automatically stop you from even trying to achieve anything
The next part goes a little deeper

These beliefs and thoughts we have about ourselves are usually deeply ingrained in us from an early age. As children we learn about the world from those around us i.e. family, teachers, societyWe are sponges absorbing the beliefs of those around us and storing them as facts in our mind. We also learn from experiences and events and develop a view about ourselves and the world, that later in life, do not serve us

Many of your automatic thoughts are your conscious beliefs, the ones you are aware of. But many of the beliefs you took in as facts as a child, are deeply hidden and rooted in your subconscious mind

These are your CORE BELIEFS. These are the ones you really need to discover and work on. These are the beliefs that if you can become aware of, change them and re-frame them, amazing changes can happen
Think of all your beliefs as an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg, the bit above sea level that you can clearly see, are your conscious limiting beliefs that you are aware of. However, the biggest most dangerous part of an iceberg is below the surface. This is the part that sinks ships. These are your subconscious limiting beliefs that determine who and what you are, how you think of yourself. These are what can create massive blocks in your path to self-fulfillment

Can you think of an experience or something that you were told as a child that you can link to a characteristic, a thought pattern you have now as an adult? Something that you can clearly see stops you from being the best version of yourself

The thing you really need to know is you can change and evolve

These beliefs are NOT FACTS, they are often NOT TRUE, and YOU CAN replace them with more positive healthy ones – the real truths of who we are
“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”
– George Bernard Shaw”

Jen x

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