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The 5 Foundations of Wellbeing

⚡The 5 foundations of wellbeing are like the foundations of your home, they keep us supported and allow us to maintain of good level of our personal health and wellbeing If one of the foundations is starting to crack and weaken it will affect the rest of the building or YOU! It is essential that […]

How to KonMari Your Life

Marie Kondo, if you haven’t already heard of her, is a Japanese organisation consultant (yes there is such a thing). She goes into people’s homes and helps them de-clutter. Her mantra is “only keep the things that speak to your heart – things that bring you joy”, anything else you get rid of. She encourages […]

Why Can’t We Just Accept A Compliment…?

Ladies….does this sound familiar…? A friend or colleague tells you…. “oh you look lovely, I really like your top” You: …. awkward laugh…. why is she saying this? What is she really trying to say? Your response: …. “Oh no, I look awful today and this top was only like a fiver from Primark” as […]