About Me

About Me

So why chose me to help and guide you on this journey??

Well, long story short I’ve been there. I’ve been where you are – lost, stuck, de-motivated. To be honest I’ve been at the bottom of a very deep hole and I have had to drag myself out of it!

My dream was always to work in mental health, and I completed my degree in Psychology in 2008. I then went on to complete my diploma to become a qualified & registered Therapeutic Counsellor. I worked on a voluntary basis for a few years to gain experience before setting up my private practice part time

After the loss of my Fiance, Matt, in June 2018 – I was lost. I needed something to distract me from my grief, I needed something positive and exciting back in my life and that is how The Goodness Guide was born!

I threw myself into creating course content, writing blogs and working everyday all day on my dream! And HERE IT IS!

The Goodness Guide is not just what anyone can read in a text book. This is real life, I HAVE LIVED IT! I continue to live it.  I found a strength from somewhere to get out of my bed and pull myself out of the deepest and darkest of holes! I am not perfect, this is a work in progress and a journey which I share with my followers. 

Many of the courses include things that I did/do myself to get to where I am today. I am a lot more positive, motivated and excited about being alive again!

Whatever you have experienced, whatever you think and feel about yourself YOU CAN CHANGE IT ALL AROUND – and I would love to help you figure out a way to do that!

Here at the goodness Guide, there is no judgement and there is no such thing as can’t! Just determination and RESULTS!!!!

Working with me you will gain the skills and confidence to find your answers, your motivation, and your direction to realising your dreams!




What is Coaching?

Coaching is action orientated focusing more on current life and what is going on right here right now. It can help you see yourself and your situation more clearly.

Coaching is great for helping you discover what it is you want and need out of yourself and life and helps you to  find the right strategies and tools to you enable you achieve your goals.

The Goodness Guide is here to help you focus on creating and maintaining that motivation, work though any obstacles that you feel are in your way and create action plans for change. I can help you make the changes you need to make to ensure personal, professional and business development!

As with any therapeutic or counselling relationship – a coaching relationship comes with confidentiality and boundaries and focuses on you and your needs in the present and for the future. I provide coaching through online courses or face to face private sessions and in small groups.

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